Rhinoceros beetles are intricately beautiful. I have long desired to incorporate them into my dolls, however the extreme brittleness of preserved insects deterred me from trying. I wanted a durable insect accessory that could be played with, much like a doll, so I made a metal beetle replica from bronze with articulated silver legs and a black enameled surface. It is modeled as a head ornament with a powerful magnet to keep it in place, but it may also be taken off to play with. Translating an insect into a little metal sculpture that is also a wearable accessory and a toy was a challenging and exciting project. It made me want to make more of them.



Sterling silver, bronze, synthetic enamel, rubber-enforced beetle wings, magnet. Porcelain, ball-jointed, porcelain engraving, china paint, mohair, industrial springs, leather. 13.5” (34.5cm) tall.

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