Snegurochka is the Russian word for Snow Maiden, a beloved mythical character from Russian folklore. She is the beautiful snow daughter of Father Winter and Mother Spring. She longs for human companionship and desires to experience human emotions, but is unable to do so because her heart is frozen. After she has been allowed to live amongst the mortals for a time, she begs Mother Spring to thaw out her heart so that she may experience love. Her sympathizing mother finally relents, and Snegurochka falls in love with a mortal boy. Overcome with the intensity of her new love, she tragically melts.


Bead embroidery on fine silk with 476 Swarovski crystals, 76 Rhinestones, 1045 metal spheres, over thirty thousand glass seed beads. Porcelain, ball jointed, china paint, industrial springs, mohair wig, leather. 13.5” (34.5cm) tall.

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