Sayan – Echo

Sayan’s crown incorporates elements of Tibetan and Mongolian tribal jewelry, while her name was inspired by the Sayan mountain range between Northern Mongolia and Southern Siberia, close to where I spent my childhood.

Solid and ornate, this sterling silver crown is adorned with long silver pendants, set with 4 red Corals and flanked by two removable, resin-dipped Roses. Other features include a pair of silver earrings and bracelets; bead embroidery and Swarovski crystal accents on the printed costume; two pairs of silver shoes; two pairs of interchangeable feet; magnetic mohair wig; custom stand and a specially upholstered tin box.
The doll is porcelain, ball-jointed, china painted and articulated with industrial springs. 13.5″ (34.5cm) tall. 2012

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