Madame de Pompadour

Madame de Pompadour 2016
Engraved fine porcelain doll, China painting, 24k gold plating, Steels spring doll assembly, Antique Sterling Silver filigree ships, Cast bronze hair combs, Varnished Silk and Angora wig, Enamelled cast bronze shoes, 12 Rubies, 4 Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, Vintage millinery flowers, Silk, Wood, Steel.
Size: Doll height 14.5″ (37cm), Wig height 5″ (13cm), Overall height 19″ (49cm).


Madame de Pompadour is remembered today primarily for being a chief mistress and a life-long companion to the King Louis the 15th of France, but she was also a truly remarkable, influential, and accomplished woman in her own right.?In fact, she was such a sophisticated and influential trendsetter that her keen sense of taste and aesthetic helped shape the Rococoand Neo-classical styles, and transform Paris into a fashion capital of the world.

I was particularly compelled to make Madame de Pompadour into a porcelain doll because she shared my passion for porcelain and worked hard to revive, establish, and promote porcelain manufacturing in France and greater Europe. I feel a keen sense of gratitude for?her contribution to this art form through her?patronage and?commitment, and believe that her efforts 250 years ago might have made my own career possible today.

There is a beautiful shade of Sevres porcelain named lovingly in her honour – Rose Pompadour.

I too wanted to honour this great woman by creating her portrait in a medium she had loved so much. I believe she would have enjoyed seeing herself as a porcelain doll.

She is my Rose Pompadour.

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