Little Red Riding Hood

This folk tale about an unfortunate little girl in a red cape appears to be a very early version of the “Stranger-Danger” education. Originating in 10th century Europe, “Little Red Riding Hood” is a popular children’s story about predator and prey which, sadly, happens to be relevant to various age groups and circumstances.

I always wanted to make my own “Little Red Cape” doll. Given my flair for ornamentation though, it couldn’t be just a simple red cape—the cape had to be amazing. I imagined that Little Red Riding Hood wasn’t a little peasant girl visiting her grandmother, but a rebellious, yet painfully naive teenage heiress on an illadvised quest for adventure and independence, who, unfortunately runs into a real predator. There are many stories like mine. Whether this story has a sad or a happy ending is for you to decide.


Costume is gold applique embroidery on velvet with 24k gold-plated clasp, 282 fresh-water pearls, 7 faceted Peridot gems, 215 Austrian crystals, gold-filled seed beads; Shoes are sterling silver plated with 24k gold; Basket is polymer clay reinforced with leather and brass; Doll is ball-jointed, porcelain, china painted, magnetic mohair wig, industrial springs, leather. 13.5”(34.5cm) tall.

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