Kay – 2010-2019

This is?Kay, a 2010 original resin doll from my own personal traveling Museum Collection. This doll is unique, because much like my porcelain dolls, she is connected with 12 individual metal springs and has painted eyes. She is one of the four test prototypes ever made; all my other resin dolls are strung with elastic cord and have glass eyes.

All the painting and body blushing is original, and has never been retouched. Nine years after casting, and the high-quality resin is still in a pristine, pearly-white condition, having withstood the test of time and sun. Partially because of her durability, and partly because of her beauty, Kay has been my favourite companion doll, whom I brought with me on my travels around the world, and who was featured in a number of magazines and shown in galleries as a part of my private traveling collection.

The cotton dress is constructed out of a very rare, antique, 17th century lace collar. It is extremely fine, translucent and delicate, with remarkable three dimensional embroidery on gauzy cotton. I embellished it with additional embroidery of 566 Fresh-water pearls, 40 Mother-of-pearl flowers, 20 silk bows, 17 Swarovski crystals and hundreds of glass seed beads.

The shoes are 14k gold-plated bronze, with embellishments of pearls, silk bows, enamel and beads. The wig is removable and magnetic, made of natural mohair. She comes with a flexible stand and a custom tin box.

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