Work in Progress

Gloriana – a symbolic name I chose to signify a threshold of a Golden Age, is my new platform for creative expression. I’ve got big plans for these big dolls, namely tattooing them. In fact, the only reason I decided to create a big Enchanted Doll in the first place, was so that I could have a bigger canvas to engrave stuff on. Just imagine all the fine detail I’ll be able incorporate into my tattoo designs on a scale like this.

But, now that this first prototype is finished and I know it works and can be replicated; now that I’ve developed a working production formula, I will have to take some time off from the big doll before I can bring myself to make anther one of these giantesses.

Working on this scale and facing all the challenges that came with it, really put my small doll in perspective and made me appreciate them even more.

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