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Aqua Furlong

I made this desing of the tatoo trying to mix my own style with the beautifulness of your dolls, the inspiration came from the pictures of your bjd, some personal
expirences and a touch of nature, death and life.

The skull that is the center of the illustration represents death and the flora and fauna in the face represents life.
Hoping to giving life to in animate object, like you do it with your full custom clothes and characterizing your dolls.

I admire your work, the style you gave to the faces of your dolls its pretty amazing and i want to contratulate your talent.

The tattoo its made for the chest, back or for the pelvis area, well i made it thinking in the spaces i liked of the bodies i saw on your page.



Kari N

My design concept is Allerleirauh, or Thousandfurs. It was my favourite fairy tale as a child. Thousandfurs was a princess who, to avoid an unwanted marriage, ran away and hid as a kitchen girl in a neighbouring kingdom. Before she ran away, she had asked for treasures to be found by her unwanted suitor to stall him, the last of?which was a cloak made from every type of animal in the kingdom, which she used to disguise herself. The prince of this kingdom held a ball, where Thousandfurs secretly attended in a silver gown that shone like the moon which?her suitor had given her, and the prince fell in love with her. He held another ball in hopes to see the mysterious princess again. This time, she attends in a gown of gold that shone like the sun. At the third ball, she wears a gown that glimmers?like the sky full of stars. The prince keeps her longer than usual and she runs down to the kitchen to start working. But she only has time to put?her cloak over her dress and she is discovered as the princess and she is reunited with the prince.

I was always fascinated by Thousandfurs’ dress of stars, and I wanted to express it in a way beyond just an arrival of clothing. I wanted it to feel more like an expression of her inner fire and deeper mysteries, like stars themselves. To that end, I designed her to have a star pattern that follows the classical constellations tattooed on her body in silver against her porcelain skin.

I feel that this fits beautifully in with the look of your dolls and I believe that this doll Allerleirauh would be so divine to see in real life!

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Jasmine C



Emily D

Celtic Warrior Doll-
I’ve always been inspired by the idea of the ancient Celts. I’ve always enjoyed the mental image of both the men and women alike going into battle wearing nothing except for their elaborate tattoos and blue war paint. They also carried nothing except for a spear, a small shield, and a sword chained at the hip. Even the Romans decided it was better not to mess with them. It’s a shame we know so little about their history overall.



Nicola K

The inspiration behind my artwork is my love of cats and also the delicate and sinuous lines of art nouveau which I believe complement each other well. After sketching and brainstorming ideas, I chose this decorative and stylised design as I love its simplicity, immediacy and elegance. I chose the upper back of the body for placement of the tattoo as I feel it is the perfect place to display it.




Something that I have always loved about the enchanted doll aesthetic is how their nudity is portrayed as a strength, whereas society seems to say that nudity is shameful. I wanted to express that strength in my design, so even though she looks clothed, its actually her body. It is inspired by the tale ‘the armless maiden’ which I have been working with in my university project.

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Cha Hof

Anatomical ED
Through this I was depict to inspired by Andreas Vesalius who was a Belgian scientist, he lived from 1514-1564 from Brussels. He came from a family of doctors. From the beginning he had an interest in living things. One of his biggest achievements was being one of the first people to dissect a human body. Had he not taken the chance by dissecting that body we may not know what we know today about the human anatomy. the myth of I was thinking? the? associated goddesses diety Iaso and hygieia also played an important part in her father’s cult. While her father was more directly associated with healing, she was associated with the prevention of sickness and the continuation of good health. Nowadays we all know that no limits for modern techonolgy? as medicine discoveries far are? concerned? least accident, death fatality and life savings.Besides documentation the Middle Ages also had one of the first well known female physicians, Hildegard of Bingen.
The Hunter
I was inspired of her biography? Diane de portiersas young child when her mother dead at her early age.She was descended from the ancient sovereign family of the Comtes de Poitiers. She was the eighth-great-granddaughter of King Louis IX of France.She was born in the chateau de Saint-Vallier, in the town of Saint-Vallier, Dr?me, in the Rh?ne-Alpes region of France.Diane’s father was an avid hunter, and she was named for Diana, the Goddess of the Hunt, therefore my imaginary?? thought was she was excellent animal hunters. Diane could read Latin at seven, and Greek by the time she was nine. she was taught by her relative Anne de Beaujeu, Duchesse de Bourbon. I made her heraldry neclake emblem not exactly but that was my perspective into this tattoo to my entry.
Woman to the moon
Aelita from the film novel base of Alexei Tolstoy’s? that was released of 1924?? Russian science fiction film from the silent period. Los (Nikolai Tsereteli) is an engineer who dreams of traveling to other worlds and imagines that a beautiful woman named Aelita (Yuliya Solntseva) lives on the planet Mars. Frustrated with the petty political conflicts that are a big part of life on Earth, Los builds a spaceship and travels to Mars, where he discovers that the lovely Aelita really does exist and is Queen of the Planet Mars. this was also known? the first silent film of metropolis by fritz Lang the big bang theory, the dream of humans ?of nowadays era .i think of aelita android version in the demand of robotica .

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INSPIRATION: I really had no idols in my life and was nobodies fan. But I am your fan since I discovered your work :-). I have the book and everything.
Since I have a small child and my own company I can’t follow your work as?continuously??as I would like.
I admire your decision to do what you really love and how you spend so much time on all the details. That is the only way to perfection and too few people work that way?nowadays.
People who made up they dream job by doing exact what they love and the way they like it?–?very inspiring.
The other two people who inspire me at the moment are these guys – Stjepan & Luka. They are very talented musicians??from Croatia (my home country).

This tattoo is about how a woman feels listening to this beautiful music. Cello’s curves are very similar to woman body so it fits on the doll perfectly.

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Maria M

Your work is very magic and inspiring. Thank you for all beauty you do. Wish you health and many new ideas for your artwork and all life. Happy Birthday! =)
I saw some movies and read some information about maori women and it made my work. And also another sketch is about meditation )

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Lilly Rose

Lunar Goddess

The moon is a feminine symbol throughout most cultures. Its phases can represent the rhythm of time and the cycles in life. The moon is also associated immortality, eternity, enlightenment or the dark side of nature. Women in particular are said to be influenced by it.

Light grey mohair wig, a moon mask made of sterling silver embellished with pearls, white tattoos on a Rubenesque body.

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