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Caroline S


Yggdrasil is the tree of life in Norse mythology, and so I designed the tattoo to reflect the symbolism of this story. The roots and branches extend far into other worlds, with our own world in the center. Living within Yggdrasil is a wyrm, who dwells beneath, gnawing at the roots.

I used a combination of digital drawing and watercolour paints to create the effects.”

I very much enjoyed drawing a representation of your dolls – they are sculpted so beautifully and I can see that each one has a special uniqueness and soul in her.



Giulia P

I designed a tattoo I thought fit with your ascetic while still being a bit different. The tattoo actually says “Enchanted.” Your dolls are all enchanted looking why not have a beautiful tattoo saying so as well!

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Sasha G

This is my concept of tattoo – medieval image of the sun and the moon.
The dolls also have special crowns in the form of the moon and the sun.

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Clémentine V

I know it’s far from perfect and there are a lot of technical problems (I did a drawing with watercolor pencils and I modified it with photoshop) but I tried to do my best and I hope you will like the idea.
I wanted to find something strong and fragile at the same time, and I thought fire and glass are a good example.
I took a photo of one of my doll to make a photo montage to imagine what the tattoo can look like on a doll in the place I planned.



Ana B



Anne-Sophie L



Carolyn F

This ephemeral flower blooms for one night only and came to be being because a beautiful princess was banished to a desolate island as she fell in love with a commoner. She died of grief and re-incarnated as the flower.

The Chinese and Vietnamese will gather for impromptu parties to celebrate its blooming and its gorgeous fragrance, and it is counted as a blessing to experience it and an omen of happiness, which is strange as death and despair created it.

This gorgeous thing came to life because of loss of love and life, with issues of abandonment and cruelty.

I’ve shown the bud, the flower and the crescent moon. Head-dress inspired by the stamens and stigma and a tiny moonstone headband ( not sure about the latter)

There is a flickr link – to more info and pictures – especially if the picture doesn’t load: -Queen of the night




Inner World




The tattoo relates to the idea that all life is born from the essence of stars, both physically and perhaps spiritually, so I have included various constellations from our galaxy in the design. It would look more striking to engrave a white tattoo on a darker skinned doll, but I’m not sure if this is possible so I have included a lighter version too. I hope you like it!



Clare G

Here is a ‘Rubenesque’ Enchanted Doll as Eve: the first woman, the
fertile mother and the tree of life.

She carries a tattoo of Lillith in medieval form*, half-woman,
half-serpent and tempter in the Garden of Eden.

Lillith offers the apple that represented forbidden fruit but also (to
the Gnostics) the transfiguring power of knowledge and free-will.
Latterly ‘…this story of exile becomes a story of the birth of human

Here two closely-related (and much-maligned) female figures are united
and celebrated as aspects of the eternal feminine.

I see the tattoo either in monochrome OR gold, in the style of an
illuminated manuscript.

I can’t get my reverse torso picture in line.. but I still have
wordcount! The tattoo tails off at the side of the torso in leaves.

*inspired by Le Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry.

**The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image’ Chapter 13

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