Imperial Concubine


There are times when creative process is involuntary. It may begin with one idea, and unintentionally evolve into something else entirely. This is what happened with the Imperial Concubine. She began as a tribal Bedouin princess, but as I was making her, she somehow transformed into a refined, elegant lady. I think I prefer her this way.

I consider this doll to be a particularly important milestone in establishing a defining aesthetic and a consistent creative direction in my work. With her, for the first time, I came close to capturing the vision of my dream doll in its completeness. After many years of experiments and refinement, I finally developed the necessary set of technical skills that allowed me to create the kind of work I had dreamt about since childhood. She symbolizes the beginning of my renaissance.



Ball jointed porcelain doll, constructed sterling silver accessories, 3 Star Rubies, 2 Ruby cabochons, 40 Garnets. Removable costume is embroidered with 420 Austrian crystals, 163 fresh water Pearls, 67 Garnets and thousands of glass seed beads. China paint, industrial springs, velvet, polyester, silk muslin, leather. 15” (38.1cm) tall.

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