What would Alice look like if she was not a Victorian British girl? For a creative challenge, I wanted to abandon Alice’s mainstream appearance as popularized by Disney’s 1951 film, and re-imagine her in the style of my favorite artist, Sulamith Wulfing.

As a part of this challenge, I chose to keep all the original colors of her costume, such as her white stockings, black shoes, blue dress, apron, hair band and blond hair. I reinterpreted these elements with costuming traditions of other cultures, particularly Ukrainian and Norwegian, adding a little of my own wonderland into the mix.



Floral dress print is rendered in water color and printed on 100% polyester via permanent dye-sublimation method, bead embroidery with glass beads, Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconium, fresh water Pearls, 24 karat gold-lined seed beads. Mohair, porcelain, china paint, industrials springs, leather. 13.5” (34.5cm) tall.

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