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Timi C

The three tattoos depict the three Slavic goddesses named the Zorja. I think you know this myth better than me, but I write it for the sake of completeness:
In Slavic mythology, the Zorja are three guardian goddesses, known as the Auroras. They guard and watch over the doomsday hound, who is chained to the star Polaris in the constellation Ursa Minor, the “Little Bear”. If the chain ever breaks, the hound will devour the constellation and the universe will end.
The Zorja represent the Morning Star, the Evening Star and the Midnight Star. The Morning Star is Zorja Utrennjaja: she opens the heavenly gates for the chariot of the sun in the morning. The Evening Star is Zorja Vechernjaja: she closes the gates of heaven each night as the sun returns home. The Midnight Star is Zorja Polunochnaja: each night, the sun dies in her arms and then it is restored to life.

I red about the Zorja in “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman some years ago and I can’t get them out of my head. And now when I was thinking about the tattoos for your beloved Enchanted Dolls, it seamed to be a good idea to draw tattoos inspired by the Zorja.
I designed three patterns which are closely related but there are some differences in them: the Sun, the Moon and the Star like the hanging flower in full bloom, in half bud and in bud refer to the morning, evening and midnight goddesses. I put a lot of Sun symbols in the design – dots, circles and flowers, – and the birds are light symbols as well. I was inspired by Slavic and Hungarian folk patterns (I’m Hungarian).
I think these tattoos would look good on your large doll because of the small details.



Katarzyna S

In my idea for a tattoo I wanted to refer to Enchanted Doll? creation inspired by fairy tales. I hope you like it, I did my best but I am not a professional illustrator;)

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Kallè, “the beautiful”
I conceived these tattoos for a Large ED. They represent four stories of betrayed women without justice.
The Ursa Mayor symbolizes the virgin nymph Callisto, companion of Diana. Zeus changed himself in Diana to approach and rape Callisto; she was despised by Diana for her consequent pregnancy and then transformed into a bear by Juno for envy. At last, Zeus changed Callisto into a constellation to preserve her from her own son, a hunter.
The Cygnus stands for the queen Leda. Zeus transformed himself into a swan and abused her in that form. Leda gave birth to an egg from which emerged the two Dioskouri, Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra.
The pomegranate symbolizes Proserpina, goddess of spring, kidnapped and then married by Hades. It’s the only tattoo that doesn’t involve a constellation because now Proserpina can’t see the stars for six months a year, time that she spends in hell with her sad husband.
The Corona Borealis stands for Ariadne, the princess abandoned on an island by Theseus after all her indispensable help. Her story ends in hope when Dionysus falls in love with her and changes her crown into a constellation to represent his love.

emilia-silver fox


Emilia B

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Isabella C

Dragonflies are creatures found all over the world and live mostly in freshwater habitats.
These beautiful insects represent many things; good luck, strength, transformation, defeat of illusions. While being delicate they are also beasts of prey; they are the predators of the pond. I chose this as my motif to represent that while many women may seem fragile, they are not always so. Behind a glittering exterior a ferocious interior can lie.

Dragonflies are a symbol often found in Art Nouveau. This tattoo draws inspiration from that art style.

The motif itself I envision tattooed in a lustrous green. The petals of the lotus are white, the leaf also green.
There are pearls dangling from her ears by golden chains. There are pearls adorning her hair, which is auburn. The flower petals of the lutes flowers at the sides of her head are white silk.


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Jon S

Name: “Le quattro stagioni” (the four season)
Technique: Drawing, Water color Painting, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
The inspiration:
I get the inspiration from the music of Vivaldi “Le quattro stagioni” and the picture of “Rorschach Technique“ transfer it in to a form of Human body, I can feel the Enchanted Doll is a magic like 4 season, movement, changing , and grow up by time pass. It’s inspiring me to create tattoo in to dimension of 3Ds tattoo. With the eyes and senses of Rorschach Technique which make a beauty shining. But it’s still quite normal. So I should the technique of cutting the picture into pieces, to make tattoos seem like illusion and magic shining with blur lines . I want to make this tattoo is one and only. One of a kind like Enchanted Doll.
Here the link of my youtube.



Isakova Anna

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“I wanted to locate a tattoo on her stomach so that the heart was located between the breasts, and the flowers at the bottom.”

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